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A Word About Sinus Health and Maintenance

Most of us don't think about it when we're down with allergies or a cold and we're sneezing, stuffy-headed, coughing or suffering severe pressure in our heads, but sinus health and maintenance is of the utmost importance for everybody.

Nasal cleansing has been practiced on a daily basis, like we brush our teeth, in India, Europe and other parts of the world for thousands of years. Today there are also numerous people in the United States who use this technique, successfully and with increasing popularity.

With increasing pollution, pollens, pet dander, chemicals and all sorts of other allergens in our environment, there is an enormous rise in the number of people who suffer from various forms of nasal and respiratory issues. Many health practitioners consider the nasal passages to be the doorway for most diseases. Unfortunately, our sinuses and sinus cavities can become overloaded through high exposure to such allergens.

There are many ways to approach nasal cleansing although, the preferred method employs the use of what looks like a small tea pot, but is actually called a Neti pot. (DO NOT use your regular tea pot to perform nasal cleansing!) Neti pots are specifically designed for nasal cleansing as they normally hold a specific amount of water with a saline solution which has many health benefits to the nasal cavity such as:
  • Clearing out sticky, persistent mucus and help reduce nasal congestion
  • Cleanse and rid the sinus cavities o allergens, irritants, and contaminants
  • Treat acute bacterial sinusitis
  • Treat allergic rhinitis
  • Prevent common colds and flu
  • Relieve nasal dryness
  • Promote healthy nasal passages
  • Treat empty nose syndrome (a crippled nose caused by over-aggressive turbinate resection)
  • Improve breathing
  • Reduce coughing and other symptoms of post-nasal drip
  • Temporarily reduce symptoms of phantosmia (smelling scents that aren't actually present)
  • Generally improve sinus health.
When you go to purchase your Neti pot, you won't be able to walk into any store and try it out. However, look on the box and make sure that it holds at least 15z. (425ml) of water and that the spout looks smoothly tapered. The end of the spout should look like it will be big enough to snuggly fit into the nostril to avoid spillage, which is what we want. Make sure you follow the directions that came with your Neti pot.

Besides the fact that the whole process is really quite simple to use and administer, there are many advantages to nasal cleansing. The only concern is that you properly wash your Neti pot after each use. Some of the Neti pots available are also dishwasher safe, which is great for sanitizing, but be sure to give your Neti pot a good rinse with plain water before the next use, as dish detergents can be harsh and not actually meant for internal usage by humans. Also, make sure the spout has been cleaned out well, as left over bacteria could cause sever nasal and/or sinus issues.

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